I've been asked by a few people how they could help the site.
There are currently three things you can do:

  • Send an e-mail telling your story, or just saying what you think of the site
  • Link to this site from your own :-)
  • Send a donation to Public Citizen in this site's name.  Just go here: https://www.citizen.org/join/member_form.cfm?src=500WI and in the comments section mention that you're joining or donating on behalf of farmersReallySucks.com  (Please note that I don't actually get anything for this, but I relied heavily on PCs documentation and received some basic advice from them.  I'd like to give back.  I joined as a member @$35.00, how bout you?)
  • I don't want any direct donations (for now at least).  This site costs me roughly $1000 per year (based on domain registrations, server hosting space, bandwidth, my time spent on the site at my current pay rate, etc.) I can afford that on my own ;) I suppose if the cost of hosting the site were to become exorbitant I would consider donations to offset that, but it's not needed for now at least.

FarCry - Mollio